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Land at Eden Estate

Address: Wesley, Wesley, Dominica
Price: $107,800
Status: Readily Available
Property type: Land
Amenities: Electricty, Water, Cable
Lot size: 15400 sq ft
Property Description:

The property is a vacant portion of land located at Eden, Crompton Point, 1/2 mile north of Wesley and 300 feet from the public road to Woodfordhill.  The lot is rectangular in shape and is flat to gentle sloping from west to east with a 5% gradient.  Access to the lot is via an unpaved but motorable tarished road for 300 feet from the public road.  All the essential services namely water, telephone, electricity and cable television are readily available on site.  The area has approved planning permission and is zoned as mixed use residential/agriculture in a rural setting with average size lots and is 20% built-up with middle income housing. 

Scope of work: None
Categories: Land
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